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Now Introducing! Heavenly Walk-In Tubs
Standard Features:

Heavenly Built In Walk-In Tubs
(Also available without jets)
Heavenly Walk-In Tubs come with more standard features than any other walk-in tubs on the market. Both water and air jet hydrotherapy systems help relax muscles, relieve pressure and help your body get rid of toxins that may be causing joint pain and inflammation while relaxing you mentally and physically. The gentle tingling sensation of air bubbles and the massage-like motion of water jets create beneficial chemical reactions in your skin. Our built in water and air jets combine to offer you both a soothing, invigorating water premium jet massage along with an all over, gentler air massage from the air bubble system. The built in hydro jets are equipped with an adjustable air flow rate control system allowing you to adjust for a mild or more aggressive water flow.
Our Walk-In Tubs are ergonomically designed to provide the ultimate comfort and are crafted from only the highest quality of materials. Every Walk-in tub is fitted with a comfortable built in seat and water tight stainless steel door that is easy to open and close.

Heavenly Walk-In Tubs add value to your home, safety to your bathing experience and comfort to your daily lifestyle. Built to the highest standards with stainless steel and bacteria and mold resistant acrylic surfaces, every tub is backed with a 100% limited lifetime warranty.
The Most Standard Features
Our handheld shower attachment is easy to pull out and retract and has three built in water flow options, giving you the convenience of a seated shower.

If you plan on enjoying a long bath you can maintain your water temperature easily without having to continuously add warm water to your tub with our inline water heater system. Our first ever built in air-body dryer system will help ensure you get dry quickly. Two floor drains and water suction pump ensures water never stays in your lines.

We have gone to great efforts to develop accessories that bring added safety and ease of use to your bathing experience. Our thermostatic temperature valve has a locking mechanism which provides you with added protection from potentially scalding hot water. Access to all of the walk-in tub controls are within easy reach of the bather and little effort is required to operate them.

Heavenly Walk-In Tubs are specifically designed to allow you to enter without having to climb in. A water tight stainless steel door system forms a hydrostatic seal when compressed by latching the door closed. Ergonomic stainless steel handle is specifically designed for minimal closing effort. A safety grab rail is installed on the side of the tub for extra security and is also great for repositioning if you need to get more comfortable.

Our inline water heater system allows you to bathe for an extended period of time without having to add warm water. The built in tankless water heater system allows the tub to be completely filled without using any of your homes hot water supply.

Our unique dual drain system allows the tub to drain extremely fast after you are finished bathing. The drain pumps any excess water out of the drain lines.

Heavenly Walk-In Tubs come standard with a full body air dryer system. You can effortlessly dry your body in a more gentle and relaxing way.
Available in Jetted or Soaker Tub
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